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Life without Reno’s Pizza
Is no life at all!
Reno's Pizza

About Us

In 1988 Nick and his family left Rome to chase the American dream. With only $350 in his pocket and used patio furniture in his living room Nick landed in Los Angeles to start his journey.  His motto was: "With hard work and positive attitude a person can reach the stars."

By 1993, Nick and Emma had saved enough money to purchase a ran-down restaurant and built it up to as one of the most loved pizza joints in the neighborhood. To this day, 65-year-old Nick works 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. He greets everyone with his keen sense of humor, kind wishes and delicious food. 

In 2009, his son Vinnie, who stood by his parents during the toughest of the times, opened their second location in Burbank. The father and son have not stopped arguing about all aspects of the business, but are inseparable in taste and charm!



Here you can find our delicious pizza. Our chefs will make the best for you. You just need to choose the one you like the most.


Pasta was always known as Italian food, but our chefs will make the American version of tasty pasta with special sauces.


Our salads will be good addition for pizza or sandwiches. Choose the best for you and enjoy your meal.


Here you can find our other delicious dishes that are prepared with special spices.